As you may know, I recently took up running as not only a way to get myself back into better shape but also as a way to better myself by giving myself a difficult task to achieve. I’m happy to say that I have been able to complete the Couch to 5K program in the allotted time…which has prepped me for the upcoming UIS Homecoming 5K next weekend. Although I’m a little nervous about participating, I am looking forward to bringing this short journey to fruition.

Of course early on, I had really prepped myself for entering the Zombie Survival Dash I found out about on Facebook months back. But as time went on, I started getting concerns about my performance since it was more like an obstacle race than a standard 5K. So I thought I may have been setting the bar a little high for my first 5K (although it looks like fun [see video below]. I do have a coworker who I found out entered this year’s competition…so I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. Nevertheless, there’s always next year…and plenty of time to train. It sounds like I may have a few other people interested in participating as well…so maybe a Zombie Survival caravan may be in order. Take a van (or carpool)…get shirts made…play zombie games.

So now I ask myself, after the 5K, what next? Honestly, I don’t think my body is made for running half or full marathons…but I could see setting another goal of doing a 10K. My brother-in-law took running about a year ago and mentioned recently about participating in the 10K on the 7 Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. Would probably be a weekend trip to the Keys in the spring. I was invited but declined. Still being cautious… 🙂

Oh, that reminds me…I also plan on participating in the annual St. Patrick’s Day “Fat Ass” Walk/Run 5K. Sounds like we may have a good group for that this year as well.


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