As time winds down for me for what has been the longest job for me as well as being the most challenging, I find myself in a state of reflection.

In the time that I have been at the University of Illinois Springfield, I find myself asking…have I accomplished what I came to do?  Did I achieve the goals that I set for myself…many, many years ago!

To me, it wasn’t just a job to me.  Like so many other people in the world, the job became a part of me…who I am…how other people define me…a measure of my self worth.

The fact of the matter is that I had an incredible opportunity presented to me at a time where it was most needed.

In some ways, I was starting to feel like I’ve been here so long I may not be fit to work anywhere else.  In some ways, it could described in a great cinematic moment.

As bad as it got some days, I didn’t let it “get me”.

I worked my way up from a recent college grad to extra help position to academic hourly to a full-time soft funded position to a full-time funded position to an old-time or legacy employee.


~ Created March, 2012


Posted by synergy711

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