I was thinking the other day how great it is to have the Internet in my lifetime as opposed to those prior from 20 years ago (OK, I had to think about this and the thought of it being twenty years now made me a bit older. Bleh!).  It’s amazing how much information is at your fingertips these days.  Of course, you always need to look at the source and evaluate the validity of the content…but in regards to just some simple how-to’s, it is so handy to have so many people post instructions, tips, and tutorials in print or video form that is easily accessible.

I couldn’t help but think about “back in the old days” where if a guy like me wanted to learn how to fix a mower, learn woodworking, or take care of home repair, it seems you heavily relied on your father or close friend to help you out.  Now thanks to YouTube, Menards/Lowes/Home Depot, and many other sites it’s so much easier to learn how to do DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects.

I do miss the fact that my father and I did not have as close of a relationship as we should…and lived closer to one another so we could have that “guy / father-son bonding”.   But my step-father is GREAT and is an old “tinkerer” with a ton of knowledge.  Those resources these days are highly underrated in my opinion. I know many other guys my age who just didn’t get that gene or those skills early on.   Maybe it’s because when we grew up in to the Electronics Age with computers, video, music, and games.  Don’t know…but as I’ve grown older I have really grown to appreciate those handyman skills and with time hope to learn and become self-sufficient.

It’s interesting living in the “Information Age” where there are so many avenues where children AND adults can learn. People can learn so much from one another.  People can find support and counseling from others locally or globally.

Used wisely, I feel the Internet/educational software has SUCH an impact on how parents can educate and shape their children’s future these days.  Of course, I don’t want to say that it should take place of a parent’s responsibility…but as a supplement to the child’s education or serve as a vehicle for both parents and children to learn together.


Posted by synergy711

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