Earth is covered with 70% water.  From a certain perspective, that’s a lot of unused real estate!  It’s a wonder that many more architects are not designing underwater homes to use in the future as overpopulation reaches new heights.  This was a topic that I contemplated recently.  I’m sure that oceanic home design is not as simple as it seems (otherwise, a lot more would be doing it now).  The thought of this type of design stimulates me and I thought I would just take a few moments to pick my brain and share my thoughts about the matter.

Questions & Observations:

What would it really take to design and engineer an oceanic home? What considerations do you need to take into account?

Is the home going to be permanently moored or will it have the ability to resurface and/or move?  (Wow…the first oceanic mobile home!  LOL Hopefully it wouldn’t get the same type of stereotype as their predecessors.)

If it is a permanent mooring, that what are the ramifications regarding drilling/attaching to the sea floor? How do you handle docking?  Would new mooring need to be constructed over time (due to the corresiveness of sea water)?

I have this imagination of the home acting like a submarine (up/down with air pressure) which would ascend / descend to and from the mooring.  This is where propulsion would be a must…unless it was guided with a cable of some sort. But the propulsion would with the issues of current during the ascent and descent process.  Divers might need to be used for the coupling / uncoupling process or to help secure the home to the mooring with additional supports.

What about propulsion?  Is it self-propelled or would it need to be pulled by another craft (such as a tugboat or other boat)?

How do you deal with supplies?  Do you have a boat deliver?  Do you have an airplane drop?

How do you deal with power?  Solar?  Hydroelectric?

Carbon Dioxide:
How do you deal with CO2 (from human breathing)?  NASA uses filters to absorb carbon dioxide.   Plants may be able to absorb the carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen…but how efficiently?

Fresh Water:
Would it be possible to desalinate water (to use for bathing/consumption)?

What about food?  Obviously seafood could be a heavy component but I believe perishables/nonperishables would still need to be a part of a normal diet.

How do you deal with waste?  Typically most boats use chemical toilets but there is still matter of waste over time.

What would be the COL (Cost of Living) to live in an underwater home?

Severe Weather/Emergencies:
How do you deal with severe weather?

What about communication?  Communication buoy with the surface?  Regional underwater listening posts?  Satellite communication?

How deep would your home need to rest? Depending on the depth, it’s possible that you may need to consider issues of pressure (i.e. the deeper you go, the more pressure per square foot).  How does the pressure affect the home structure over time?

Well, those are just a few things off the top of my head.  If you like to contribute, please feel free to comment!


Posted by synergy711

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