With the wife on a work trip and a quiet house, I’ve been taking time today to go through and clean up files on my home/office computer which are in a desperate stage of organization and archival.  I’ve been at it for a couple of hours now and thought it would be a good time to give my mind a break and trip the light fantastic.

ImageRecently, I watched the James Bond classic “The Spy Who Love Me”.  For those of you who may be wondering… NO I am NOT related to Barbara Bach.  🙂   Anyway, during this movie, the audience is introduced to the villian’s home (see lower left img).  Of course, some might call it a hideout, lair, etc).  Naturally like most people, it was very intriguing about the notion of an underwater home.  I even caught myself even going into details of how someone could actually create a home such as this and make it work. I wrote down ideas (which I may share later) over a drink or two and came to some interesting conclusions.

So I started thinking about this some more…and was presented with another idea.  In all these Bond movies (including Austin Powers movies as well), the villians all live in these extravagant living quarters (homes, lairs, bases, etc.) to plot out their plans for world domination. So it comes to me…”is there like a supervillian realty company out there that these people go to?”

Think about it…you would need to have someone at the top of the realty business to:

  • be innovative enough to locate remote areas in which to build
  • be savvy and manipulative enough to buy off & coerce local contractors / officials to build these places without creating too much attention.
  • find architects to design state-of-the art homes and facilities

Course the more I think about it, the chances of these people actually collecting their fees for the services is pretty unlikely…considering the fact that most villians or supervillians will end up “tying up loose ends” by bumping off those who would be associated with the project in the first place.  So, being this type of realtor would indicate that they would also be another type of villian in its own right…or with bigger projects, you develop a personal 0ne-on-one relationship and stay on-site as a “facility manager”.  All you’d have to do is get one good supervillian for a client and BOOM, you’re set!   Just a thought.

But really, how cool would it be to have a home like the ones that you see in the James Bond movies? Especially an undersea home like the one shown in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.  If I had free time (maybe some of you remember what that was), I would like to research futuristic / luxury homes and design a “Bond Home” or homes for myself.  It’s what I do.  🙂

If anyone has some great ideas or links, I would love it if you could pass them along.


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