Having some difficulties getting my brain to shut off at bedtime tonight…so I thought I would make the time a bit productive, I guess.  I started working on some brainstorming with a project (that was my master’s project) that turns out may be utilized in my current workplace.  Since the project that I created was simply prototype, I’m now faced with a couple of difficulties:  I only have roughly 6 weeks left in my current job before I leave to go to my new place of employment.  Some development could be done but at this point, I can only suspect that it will take longer than the allotment I have.  So I don’t know whether I can “sell” the project to them and be done; sell the project but continue to support on a short-term basis; or continue working on the project on a contractual basis.   Time will tell!

On a different topic, I have been converting some old video tapes of mine and I came across an old VHS tape that had the movie “Communion” on it. I have not watched that movie for quite some time.  I still enjoy the creepy-ness of the movie (from the UFO/Alien theme to the music to Christopher Walken’s performance).  One of the things that I still remember vividly (if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want a SPOILER, skip this part!) is the scene where Walken’s character, Streiber, is floating through the ship and comes across what he believes to be an alien…only to realize that it is just a suit.  At first, you could suspect that maybe it is a hoax.  But it illustrated a notion that I never before had contemplated.  The aliens that we see and hear about in other alien/UFO accounts may not be the “true” aliens…but merely some sort of an atmosphere suit (much like our own astronauts wear in outer space and on the moon) which allows them to breathe and exist in our atmosphere.  I’ve also heard the notion that it could be a suit which allows a being from another dimension the ability to exist and interact within our dimension.  I know…pretty far fetched.  But consider the things we know today would seem pretty far fetched to those who existed a hundred, two hundred, three hundred or more years ago.   I’ve also considered the fact that the aliens (big head, small body) that we have encountered may not be another life form but an intelligent probe (for example, an ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle) designed for interstellar travel, gather information, and report findings.  They could be made of a material that could be resistant to certain forces (inertia, gravity, etc.).   Just a thought.

Yea, these are merely some of the things that I think about late at night when my brain synapses start randomly firing.  🙂  I’ve even had dreams (you know, those really realistic ones) where I have visualized dark shapes passing over the trees…no sound…and being there as an observer, in denial of what you are witnessing.   You want to leave and run inside, yet you stay where you are at because you are captivated at what you are witnessing…knowing no one will believe your story.    Well, funny enough, the dream struck me enough that even still to this day during spring, summer, and early fall evenings I will still look to the sky where I envisioned this event in my dream…just on the chance that PERHAPS I might just see something.   🙂   But…I’m not holding my breath.

Now, let me make this clear.  I do not believe that my house is being watched by aliens / UFOs.  I do not believe I have been visited / probed.  But I have seen strange things in the sky which I cannot explain…and I do believe that UFO’s could exist.  To quote Carl Sagan, “if humans were the only intelligent life in the universe, it would be an awful waste of space.”


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