Although I haven’t been a big participant of St. Patty’s Day celebrations in the past (being of German/Swedish descent, weather, and my days of heavy binge drinking have been nixed due to diabetes), I’m still one who enjoys a good party from time to time. So it seemed like this year would be a great opportunity to get out and celebrate.

It was great weather, good atmosphere, and on a Saturday to boot.

Got to see many friends today throughout the day. Had a few great highlights for the day which included the drunk chick at Gallina’s Pizza downtown during lunch with Brenda & Kayla; watching Skibereen perform at Catch 22; & approached in the bar by my new prospective boss at LLCC.

So now my first casual memory of him will be filled with him wearing a green Atari Pitfall shirt and green shamrock jammies. Although I do have to say that it was quite nice for him to come over a short bit to talk (even though all the formalities have not been finished yet).

Came back home for some dinner, rest, and take care of Lilo. Never did make it back downtown to continue the festivities. Maybe it was for the best.

Little disappointed that Gary & Lisa were unable to make it…but cie la vie! Just have to make it up next year.


Posted by synergy711

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