The past few days have been interesting in the fact that I have seen some things recently that I can’t entirely explain (even though the purpose of this particular post is a direct attempt to do so, ironic isn’t it?).

It’s not secret that my wife and I have seen strange things in our house over the years (as well as other places in our lives).  Most of it has been contained to one small hallway between the main floor and the lower level.  Most of the occurrences could be labeled as a “trick of the eye”.  You will be doing something else (i.e. watching TV, walking by, etc…) and manage to catch a glimpse of something or movement of some kind but you never really “SEE” something.  There’s been times that our pets will stare and bark in that area for no reason.   For the most part, my wife and I just crack it up to something strange and dismiss it.   We have never felt anything foreboding or malicious in our house.  No need to call Jason and Grant from “Ghost Hunters” to give our house a once-over.  If anything I could believe that there might be a “fear cage” of some sort in that area.

fear cage:  A term used to describe a confined area such as a walk in closet, hallway or basement with very high EMF readings. The combination of being close and confined with in an area of strong EMF often brings out extremely great feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, paranoia and/or uncontrollable fear. When this occurs the best thing is to quickly and calmly leave the area and go to a more open area with lower EMF.    ~Courtesy of

Recently, I’ve been noticing more activity but I can’t really attribute it to anything specifically going on with us.  Then again, I’ve been able to focus a bit more considering I have a few more projects behind me (including my Master’s Project).

If that weren’t enough, I’ve had a few other things going on this week that has struck me odd. Yesterday, I was out in my backyard with our puppy Lilo and for some strange reason managed to just peer into the sky.   It was a cloudless summer day painted with a rich blue canvas.  Then something caught my eye. It was a small white-grayish object, moving north to south, at a somewhat slow rate.  At first, I thought it might have been a balloon that had been released.  But the chances of that happening in our neighborhoods in the middle of the day while kids are in school would have been highly unlikely.  As I gazed further, I could notice that it was “tumbling”…sort of like how a rock rolls down a hill.  This struck me as being particularly odd, especially considering if it was a balloon why would it be rolling like that and with such little wind.

I was distracted by the dog for a few moments and looked back up to view again…and that’s when I noticed another object farther in the distance behind it.  Much smaller but traveling a bit faster.  What was peculiar was that it seemed to be blinking in a random pattern. It seemed to be too high for a commercial airplane…but didn’t really think you could see a satellite during the day. The only explanation for the blinking effect was that it was a commercial airliner at extreme altitude for commercial traffic and the sun was at an angle where it was reflecting off of the hull.  But why it was blinking… *shrugs shoulders* ???  Now, I wouldn’t call myself an UFO nut or conspiracist…more of an interest or curiousity.   Yes, I do believe that we are not alone in the Universe. But when it comes to the fact of whether we have been visited or not is really another story.   There’s a lot of vast space between worlds…but if you think from the standpoint of what we know about the universe and science in general, it’s easy to speculate that there could be other methods of travel than what we can perceive.  Faster-than-light propulsion, inter-dimensional travel, wormholes, etc… are all concepts that we have been able to conceive but never truly establish.  Perhaps in the future, that great truth will be known that we are not alone in this big universe of hours…and that we can find a bit of the positive human spirit and soul from which we have evolved.

I woke up this morning and. I took out Lilo to go potty in the front yard and noticed a squirrel on the neighbor’s tree nearby. Normally, Lilo goes ape **** when she’s sees them and wants to chase them (to the point where’s she about ready to pull the leash out of your hands or dislocate your shoulder while you hang on for dear life). But for some reason, this squirrel seemed to be strangely interested in both Lilo and myself. It actually crawled slowly down the tree…eventually sitting 12″ from Lilo at one point. I became nervous because I thought that it might have felt threatened and decide to lash out at the dog and claw/bite her. So, I took Lilo back into the house…got my things together and proceeded back out the garage towards my car when I noticed that squirrel was now in the garage…sitting next to my motorcycle. It seemed so curious and docile in many ways. I was able to actually get up within a foot of it without it even moving or saying a word. Well I didn’t feel comfortable (obviously) leaving a squirrel in my garage so I took the pushbroom and ‘wrangled’ the squirrel back outside the garage. I put the broom away, grabbed my things, and then closed the garage door. The next thing I know, the squirrel had crawled up the side of our brick house and was watching me. It was so intriguing…and I was amazed about how much this squirrel was interested in being near me. After managing to grab a couple of photos with my iPhone, I jumped into my car. As soon as I turned the ignition and put the car into [D], it jumped off the brick and scurried away into the backyard.

Now this in itself was quite odd (but enjoyable in the same respects). I started driving to work, pondering the behaviors of this little furry visitor.  And then, I came to a moment of realization. Not more than an hour before, I happened to be thinking about thinking about all the things I need to catch up with my blogging…one of which was some of the achievements/projects that I have been able to accomplish.  And there was a part of me that thought about family members who have passed through the past few years…my father in particular because I unexpectedly received a letter from someone managing his estate the other day.  And then an overwhelming feeling came over me…

Maybe I was getting a visit…

It’s difficult to admit but my eyes teared a bit and my chest became a bit heavy.  Granted, I’m not a deeply religious person or a firm believer in reincarnation…but there was a part of me that wanted to believe that maybe it could be true.  At the moment, it was the only reason I could explain the weird behavior that I had experienced.  So, if it’s true…it was good to see you.  Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me!  🙂


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