The winds have died down a little bit but the winds from the North have not spared us from their cold wintry hands. Although, a crappy day in the keys is always better than a good day at work!

The cold weather has hindered some of our activities down here but not our spirits. We decided to round up as a family and travel up US 1 to Tavernier to see a movie.  Of course along the way, we had to stop at the Blue Marlin Jewelers as well as the Sandals and More for goodies.  Managed to pick up a nice polo shirt for work, etc.  It’s always fun to look at the many t-shirts that are available. One could say that they are an addiction or weakness for me. I probably could dedicate a whole closet to all the t-shirts that I have accumulated over the years (and which most I still wear from time to time). But I have folded and stored a good number of those shirts in an effort to make my wardrobe inventory a bit more manageable.  So after the shopping we got up to Tavernier and got our tickets to see True Grit (with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin).  Although the theater was able to hold 5 movies (which is big for that area), I have never been to a show with such little seating.  I would have to take a guess and say that there were maybe 100 – 120 seats in the house. Our seats were probably the equivalent in sitting about the eighth row in most conventional theaters. Of course, the Keys are a bit behind in the times but yet many could argue that it’s all part of the Keys mentality and in some ways may not particularly be a bad thing. So, the movie was good! Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors and he did a good job protraying the character of Rooster Cogburn.

After the movie was over, we got back in our cars and prepared to drive home. One problem…when I went to start the black Lincoln, it would not turn over. 😦 Battery was low. We checked the battery cables and posts. Didn’t appear to be a problem. Unfortunately, we did not have a set of jumper cables between either car. So we asked people around the parking lot if they had any we could borrow. Alas, no one else had any either. So Mom & Clark drove off to find a store or gas station to find some. Meanwhile Mike and I were quizzing people in the parking lot about jumper cables (with no luck mind you).  So Mike ended up checking around the mall we were at to see if there were any place to get cables.  Ironically, Mom & Clark found cables and were on their way back…Mike was able to find cables…and a friendly couple who parked next to us managed to offer some assistance all roughly around the same time.  So we got the car started with no problem…and proceeded on home.  Long story short, battery appears to be kerput…and needs to be replaced.

Spent the rest of the evening watching The Final Countdown…

– Dogfight –


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