Well, it’s been wayyyyyy too long since I have posted. Saying that I’ve been busy the last couple of months would be an understatement.

Just today, I spent a good part of the day sanding the ceiling of the master bedroom. Couple of weeks ago, we went through and scrapped the popcorn ceiling. Holy ****, was that a mess! So now we could be at a point where we can vacuum the reminder of the dust on the ceiling and start painting. At this rate, we could be able to find the ceiling up in a few days and then start working on the walls. My guess is that the room will be finished and put back to normal by Halloween.

I also worked on the leaves. It’s that time of the year right now when all the leaves start coming down (and for some freeking reason ALL my neighbors leaves seem to be dropping in our yard). This year it should be a little bit easier since that we are minus one tree but time will tell. The gutter guards that were installed seem to be helping at this point. Between the gutter guards, the riding mower, and the weather, the task of leaf management seems to be bearable this year.

Well, gonna keep this one short!


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