Well, I haven’t really gotten a chance to follow up on my last post…so my apologies!

Right now, I’m dealing with what could be termed as a modern-day 21st century problem.  I have an external hard drive that has a number of files on it right now that appears to be dying.  The HD will mount ok…but anytime you try to access or copy anything, it is PAINFULLY slow.  Even some of the time, it will appear to look like it’s locked up.  So for the time-being, I’m trying to backup the files one-by-one…but the wait is excruciating.  Still trying to keep an open mind and hopeful.  🙂

If I manage to get everything off, that puppy’s going in the garbage can!  For as bad as it’s been running, I think it would be even more of a hassle trying to wipe that drive clean.

I luv hard drives as a backup…but damn, you have to worry about those going out too.  That’s why it’s good to backup to DVD/CD.


Posted by synergy711

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