I was just wondering…if I was told that I had 24 hours to live and I had one wish, what would it be?   My first reaction was that “there’s no possible way that I could wrap up everything that I would want to do before I bit the dust before the 24 hours were up.”  Of course, all the natural things come to mind…saying goodbye to friends and family, wrapping up legal affairs, and doing something completely outrageous that you would never do under normal circumstances.

Now, of course, I tend to think a little bit out of the box. Being that this is merely hypothetical (and fictional for that matter), my imagination got the better of me and said, “well if I had one wish, then I would like to have the ability to bend time and space”.  Of course, this just opened a whole can of worms about the whole matter.  Naturally, if you had the ability to bend space and time, you could be anywhere in an instant.  In that situation, the hourglass is still running so you would still be limited to the 24 hour period.  But what if you had the ability to turn back the clock. Then really there would be no limitations…other than the fact that after you had “made your peace”, you would have the option of returning back and letting the sands of time run out. Sure, the thought of immortality may sound appealing but I have seen and heard many stories touching on this particular topic that contradict this very thought.  The notion of watching your friends and family die..the state of the world in flux… watching horror and hardship… is a very humbling and depressing thought.  In some weird sense, the fact that you delay participating in what we all realize is a finite and natural thing.  To delay and deny such a thing really indicates some greater deep seeded problem. But I digress…

The fact of the matter is that having the ability to bend space and time…even to the point of traveling back in time…really gives one some tremendous options. Imagine that you would have the ability to:

  • instantly visit friends and family to say your last goodbyes
  • travel to places you’ve never been before
  • travel back in time and relive your childhood
  • journey through time reliving your family’s (past & present) life, learning more about who they are/were
  • travel through time (and space) to witness significant events in global history

Think about having the ability to see history with your own eyes. To have the opportunity to know the truth about events of the past…and uncover some of history’s greatest secrets:  What happened to the dinosaurs? Who built the Pyramids? Are the stories about religious figures true?  Who assassinated JFK?   The list could go on and on.  But the thought of not only being able to tie up your affairs…but having the opportunity to learn about the history of our planet and our civilizations and gain some sense of wisdom and meaning would be quite incredible.

So, long story short, at this stage of the game I feel like I have too many loose ends to take care of.   Too many questions, too many dreams…   24 hours is just not enough!


Posted by synergy711

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