Hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since the passing of my father. Even though sometimes I’m troubled by the thought of all the suffering that he went through in the last few years of his life (because of all the health problems), I remind myself of the fact that for a man who was so stubborn at times and living so far away, he was able to have a change of heart and move back to Illinois to spend the remainder of his days with his children. 🙂 In his last few days, he was able to find peace of mind and spirit.

Today would have been his 71st birthday. If he were still here, I would like to think that my wife and I would be treating him to a nice steak/seafood dinner…and a drink or two. 🙂 *snicker* Even when his health was bad, I can still remember he had a hearty appetite (sometimes even more than I).

So I sit here…thinking about some of the good memories my father and I had.  It’s crazy how it’s the little things sometimes that you miss.  For instance, I miss playing cards with him. I remember he told me how to play golf. I still picture him sometimes sitting in the brown leather chair in my childhood home, drinking a beer, and watching a sports game on television.  Course, that was the 70’s…and it conjures up memories of my father’s cassette tapes (with the label maker labels on them) he had made of the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, Fleetwood Mac, and Jim Croce.  I remember him trying to teach me how to ride a bicycle…learning how to drive on icy roads…and playing in the snow in the backyard.


I miss you, Dad!


Posted by synergy711

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