That’s right…turning the big 4-0 today!   I’m having mixed feelings about it. When you were a kid and you thought… 40…you conjure images of someone who nowadays would be about 50-60 years old.   Some approaching the end of their life… But for me, that would have been a perspective from the 70’s.  Now, many people are taking care of themselves much better.  Advances in medicine have helped prolong the quality and lifespan of many people’s lives.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped Mother Nature from inventing progressively nastier bugs throughout the years.  It’s scary to hear that scientists feel that another nature plague (derived from evolving strains of viruses) is highly likely in the near future…and even as advanced as our medical technology may be, a cure may not be found until it’s too late and millions have died.  Ok…that’s really morbid!  *changing subject*

Anyway, I thought I would be more decreped…LOL…in some ways than I am now.  Granted, I’m not a “spring chicken” anymore. Thanks to a few gray hairs, receding hairline, diabetes, arthritis, thryroiditis, marginal high cholesterol, a “muffin-top” belly, and tennis elbow… Of course having said all that, most people think that I look much younger for my age. I’ve always had young boyish looks.  🙂 Hehehehe!  Yet, I’ve gotten a taste of what has to come. Once again, thanks to modern medicine… many of these conditions are under control.  I’ve managed to lose 25 lbs in the last six months (and possibily another 10 in the next 6 months to a year).  Man, has that made a difference!

So, Mid-Life Crisis….HERE I COME! LOL  I feel sorry for my wife because she already has to deal with my silliness. But she really doesn’t have to worry about me going off and doing something stupid like buying a sports car (although I did buy a pretty sweet motorcycle this year! 🙂 ), chasing young women around, or gambling our life savings away!  I’ve got enough common sense to know that as good as it sounds, it usually ends up being trouble in the end. BUT I think I do owe it to myself to celebrate in some form or fashion.  I would have celebrated my 40th with a big party last night…but considering that the temperatures have been below zero and there’s 4-6″ of snow and ice on the ground, I thought it was best to postpone any kind of festivities until Mother Nature has gotten this nasty weather out of her system.

One of my friends in Facebook™ did tell me that I should celebrate my 40th birthday by doing something that I’ve never done before or go somewhere I’ve never been. I thought it was a great idea but I think the logistics of it right now is a bit difficult. I’ve got a lot of $$$ tied up in medical bills (which I’m waiting to get reimbursed from our broke State), working on a baby, furloughs/layoffs/retirements pending at work, several home projects (including a new roof + etc.) and a Master’s project to finish.  I DID manage to have a great trip with my sister to Disney World last year. Oh, it was so much fun! It was a great bonding experience with my sister.  🙂  Course, I think she’s even goofier than I am! But that’s what big sisters are for…

Las VegasI guess if I had to pick something to do, I would have to say… VEGAS!  Dress up, play the tables and slots, see a show or two, walk the strip, gaze at all the “eye candy” … and just try to take it all in! Last time, I was there… I was 14 with my family and really couldn’t partake in a lot of what Vegas had to offer. So, now that I’m older (and maybe a bit wiser) I think a trip at some point would be a lot of fun!


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